the product

A top quality clear self-adhesive cover with a flexible spine and hardened back and front.

firm back cover
flexible spine
firm front cover

how it works

Book covering can take time, but with Terrapin it's quick and easy.

Start with the Spine

Peel the backing paper from the flexible centre strip and wrap it around the spine of the book, smoothing down on all sides.

Then the Back Cover

Remove the backing paper from one side of the product, smooth on to the back of the book and trim the excess with sharp scissors.

Finish with the Front

Repeat for the front of the book. The offcuts can be stuck on the inside edges of the book for extra reinforcement.

The Cover

Our premium cover is the only one of its kind available in South Africa.

The Benefits

Since 1996, librarians and bursars have used Terrapin Book Covers to prolong the lifespan of their precious library books and textbooks.

Long Lasting

Terrapin Book Covers are manufactured from a stable compound that will not become brittle or crack over time.


Terrapin covers are laminated with a top quality acrylic adhesive that will not damage the book.

Three Pre-Cut Sizes

Our three sizes cover standard paperbacks, readers, trade paperbacks, textbooks and picture books.

Crystal Clear

Our covers are crystal clear and do not scratch, change colour or become opaque, even after years of use.

Easy to Use

Our covers are firm yet flexible, so will not bubble or bunch, making the process of book covering stress-free.

Premium Quality

Terrapin covers are the only book protectors manufactured in South Africa from top-quality materials.

Best for Library Books

New library books are an investment: let Terrapin covers make yours last as long as possible. Our covers can also revitalise well used favourites, giving them a new lease on life. Our small cover is the perfect size for most standard library books and the medium cover is suitable for trade paperbacks.

Best for Textbooks

Inadequately protected textbooks can look badly warn even one year after issue. Our tough Terrapin Book Covers will ensure your textbooks withstand careless handling year after year. The small size fits most readers, the medium works on mid-size textbooks and the large is for A4 size textbooks and picture books.

Our Collection

Three pre-cut sizes sold in boxes of 100 covers. Prices include VAT and free courier delivery.


215mm x 333mm


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240mm x 370mm


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304mm x 495mm

R1 486.70

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Below are some frequently asked questions. If you have any other queries, please feel free to send us an email at

Are Terrapin Book Covers sticky?

Yes. The strong adhesive binds the cover to the book, protecting the paperback from dirt and moisture. Any initial mottled effect will disappear after 48 hours leaving a crystal clear finish.

Does Terrapin sell directly to the public?

Most of our customers are school libraries and departments across South Africa. Our products are supplied in bulk packs of 100. We sometimes get enquiries for smaller quanitities - if you are interested, please contact us.

Do I need anything other than the cover?

No. Terrapin Book Covers are one-piece solutions with an integrated spine and cover protector. You will not need any tape or extra products to apply Terrapin Book Covers. All you will need is a pair of scissors or a craft knife and cutting pad.

How do I order and pay?

Place your order by email or telephone. We issue a proforma invoice if you need preauthorisation. Upon confirmation, we courier your order and email the tax invoice. Payment terms are COD and banking details are on our invoice. The order should reach you within four working days.

Our History

We've been around since 1996 - here is a short history of our company.

The Beginning
June 1996

Production Starts

We begin manufacturing the original Terrapin three-piece cover.

January 1997

First Delivery

The first box of Terrapin covers is delivered to a school library.

February 2002

New Improved Cover

After years of development, we launch our revolutionary one-piece cover to replace the legacy three piece cover.

October 2007

Terrapin Website Launch


Sizing Update

We streamline our product range to keep up with global changes in the sizes of books.

April 2016

Introduction of Courier Service

Terrapin covers now arrive on your doorstep within days thanks to our reliable courier partner.


Production Process Upgrade

New machinery means we can meet the increasing demand for our product in a short space of time.

May 2020

New Packaging

Our new packaging in an easy to use pizza box style is launched.

The Future

meet the team

We are a family business that prides itself on delivering a perfect product with personal service.


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Production and Developement


Finance and Administration

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Terrapin Book Covers


Box of 100 covers

R714.25 Incl. VAT & Free Delivery

Our small cover is the perfect size for most standard library books and readers. The dimensions of each cover are 215mm (height) x 333mm (width).

Terrapin Book Covers


Box of 100 covers

R886.50 Incl. VAT & Free Delivery

Our medium cover is suitable for trade paperbacks and mid-szie textbooks. The dimensions of each cover are 240mm (height) x 370mm (width).

Terrapin Book Covers


Box of 100 covers

R1 486.70 Incl. VAT & Free Delivery

Our large cover is for A4 size textbooks and picture books. The dimensions of each cover are 304mm (height) x 495mm (width).